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Through our partnership with ITW Nexus, we offer metal and plastic hardware options for your fastening needs.

From d-rings and die case buckles to side release buckles and more - the possibilities are endless. We also offer domestic metal hardware options that are Berry Compliant.

Standard Products Include:

  • Side Release Buckles
  • Pet Collar Buckles
  • Dee Ring/Tri-Rings/Loops (basically any wire form)
  • Snaphooks (standard and swivel)
  • Footman’s Loops
  • T-Buckles
  • J-Hooks/Bungee Hooks
  • Triglides/Slides
  • Ladderlocs
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Specialty Products

Custom Hardware

We have the ability to produce custom hardware for you out of stainless steel, brass, zinc, metal and various grades of plastic and colors.

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