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Through our partnership with ITW Nexus, we offer metal and plastic hardware options for your fastening needs.

From d-rings and die case buckles to side release buckles and more - the possibilities are endless. We also offer domestic metal hardware options that are Berry Compliant.

Standard Products Include:

  • Side Release Buckles
  • Pet Collar Buckles
  • 3DSR Buckles
  • D-Rings/Tri-Rings/Loops (basically any wire form)
  • Snaphooks (standard and swivel)
  • Footman’s Loops
  • T-Buckles
  • J-Hooks/Bungee Hooks
  • Tri-Glides/Slides
  • Ladderlocs

ITW Nexus FastMags™

We are now offering ITW Nexus FastMag™ products through our continued partnership with ITW Nexus NA. 

This line of products includes the GEN IV FastMag™FastMag™ Heavy, and FastMag™ Pistol. FastMags™ reduce reloading cycle time for the operator and can be mounted in the up or down direction (operator’s preference). This system eliminates the need for traditional top closures, while providing a secure point of access. The enhanced urethane tension strap is adjustable to meet the user’s preference for removal tension. The mounting slots on the front allow operators to “double-stack” FastMags™ 


Designed to accommodate most 5.56mm/.223 ammunition magazines. 

FastMag™ Heavy

Designed to accommodate most 7.62 x 51 ammunition magazines. 

FastMag™ Pistol

Designed to accommodate most double stack 9mm, double stack .40 cal, and single/double stack .45 cal magazines including 1911. 

Custom Hardware

We have the ability to produce custom hardware for you out of stainless steel, brass, zinc, metal and various grades of plastic and colors.

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