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Through our partnership with ITW Nexus, we offer metal and plastic hardware options for your fastening needs.

From d-rings and die case buckles to side release buckles and more - the possibilities are endless. We also offer domestic metal hardware options that are Berry Compliant.

Product Offerings:

  • Side Release Buckles
  • Pet Collar Buckles
  • 3DSR Buckles
  • D-Rings/Tri-Rings/Loops (basically any wire form)
  • Snaphooks (standard and swivel)
  • Footman’s Loops
  • T-Buckles
  • J-Hooks/Bungee Hooks
  • Tri-Glides/Slides
  • Ladderlocs

And more! Ask for a complete digital catalog.

ITW Nexus FastMags™

This line of products includes the GEN IV FastMag™FastMag™ Heavy, and FastMag™ Pistol. FastMags™ reduce reloading cycle time for the operator and can be mounted in the up or down direction (operator’s preference). This system eliminates the need for traditional top closures, while providing a secure point of access. The enhanced urethane tension strap is adjustable to meet the user’s preference for removal tension. The mounting slots on the front allow operators to “double-stack” FastMags™ 


Designed to accommodate most 5.56mm/.223 ammunition magazines. 

FastMag™ Heavy

Designed to accommodate most 7.62 x 51 ammunition magazines. 

FastMag™ Pistol

Designed to accommodate most double stack 9mm, double stack .40 cal, and single/double stack .45 cal magazines including 1911. 

MiniMI™ Mini Cord Lock

These cord locks are smaller than your average and before now, only available as an import product. Our MiniMI™ Mini Cord Locks are 100% Made in the USA and Berry Compliant!

Our mini cord locks are great for usage on apparel, gear, bags, and more.

1/16" - 3/32" Mini Cord Lock
Dimensions: 0.46" X 0.66"
MOQ: 1 bag (300 pcs/bag | 5,100 pcs/case)

Made in the USA/Berry Compliant