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Milliken Tegris® Thermoplastic Composite fabric is designed for heavy-duty, often dangerous work.

This breakthrough material protects against fragment, projectile, or blast threats while offering a lighter total weight than traditional thermoplastics and composites. Pressed into panels or compression molded into shapes, Tegris® can provide the desired structure and performance to withstand rocks, baggage handlers, shrapnel, and other things life may throw at you.

We offer Tegris in less than case quantities. For case size orders, please contact Milliken.


  • Impact Resistance - superior impact performance over typical thermoplastic composites, even at -40C.
  • Stiffness - perfect for applications that need high stiffness.
  • Lightweight - consolidated construction based on low density thermoplastics reduces weight significantly. 
  • Value - integrated with other materials, Tegris® can provide additional weight and cost savings for equal or better performance.
  • Convenient - easy to cut, handle, and bond with other layers with minimal tool or machine wear.
  • Comfortable - Tegris composites offer easy application and maintenance while remaining comfortable to the skin.
  • Versatility - with water resistance that reduces weight and radar transparency that stays undetected, Tegris composites improve overall performance so defense personnel can focus on the mission.

Product Offerings

Tegris Sheets Color Sheet Size (in) MOQ (# of sheets)
6 layers Gray/Silver, Coyote Brown, Black 48 x 72 10
8 layers Gray/Silver 48 x 72 10
12 layers Gray/Silver, Coyote Brown, Black 48 x 72 10