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Volume plays a large roll when dictating price. Please contact one of our sales reps to further discuss.

We require that all customers send in credit references for approval. If approved, standard terms are Net 30. If you aren’t set up on terms we can ship with pre-payment by Amex, Visa or MasterCard.

For an application to establish N30 with us, please contact us

Unfortunately we do not. We sell thousands of products and are constantly adding new fabrics and components to satisfy our customers. Also, it is important that we understand the type of volume you require in order to effectively quote you on price.

Yes. Contact us and we will provide samples specific to your needs, unless it is a custom produced fabric.

Yes! We understand that the textile industry can be quite challenging. Chances are, if you send us a sample of what you are looking for, we can find or produce it for you. Please give us a call to discuss.

Our corporate office is in Ohio but we ship from warehouses all over the US, depending on the product. We always make our best effort to minimize your ship time and cost.


Woven Fabric

It depends on the base fabric and what needs to be done to the fabric, i.e. dyeing and finishing only or additional printing and/or custom put up all come into play. Typically we will run about 3 to 4 weeks on standard items and as long as 8 to 10 weeks on items that are not as typical. For imported fabrics, the lead time tends to be 10 to 12 weeks.

Yes, we will produce and hold fabric for our customers up to 90 days after goods are ready to ship. We will need to know this in advance, however, as we will need to quote accordingly to allow for this.

Yes. Our dye houses can dye to match any color required, on custom dye lot runs.

Depending on the end product, we are more than happy to discuss alternative fabrics that you may want to consider. It is probably best that you call us to discuss.

If you have a small sample or spec sheet, we can figure out the exact product you want. It also helps to understand your intended use.

No. We are fabric converters - we have established relationships with multiple dye and finishing houses all over the country. This gives us the flexibility to choose which dye house has the appropriate machinery to manufacture your product. We take all the necessary to steps to ensure that quality, price, and delivery are the best they can possibly be.

As you can imagine, the quoted minimums are based upon load size per product. This is dictated by the dye house in order to achieve maximum efficiency when manufacturing your product. We remind customers that this is not an exact science. Final quantities are contingent upon raw material put up (quantity) and working loss. Please let us know your requirements and we will be more than happy to help you.

Yes. We understand that many of your customers need to provide this documentation to their customers, so this information is available upon request.

Hook & Loop

Acrylic-based product is typically used in outdoor applications and when used against PVC products. It has better UV properties and holds up better in varying temperatures. Acrylic-based product is generally priced 20% higher than rubber-based.

Unnapped loop has a higher cycle life and is generally used in many medical applications. Sometimes it is used because it is aesthetically more pleasing than regular loop.

All products are stocked and shipped by the case so our only minimum is one case per product per side. Case size varies by product – usually 500 yards+.

Yes. We have over 400 colors available to us out of our China factory that can be ordered in one case minimum order quantity with a lead time of 8 to 10 weeks. If your color does not come close to one of these colors, a custom color can be created with higher minimums.

No. However, we will make every attempt to supply you with sample yardage upon request. Please feel free to call and request a sample at any time.



We can source thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm up to 12mm. If you need something that is not a stock item, please feel free to call and we will quote you based on your specific demand.

We primarily stock all neoprene in sheet form. However, if you require your material to be brought in from overseas in roll form, we can order it direct and have it to you in 10-12 weeks in most cases.


We try to keep a great variety of colors in stock for your needs. However, if you need a custom color, we can run a dye lot for you with a 400-yard minimum.



Since labels are custom and require us to set a machine up to produce any qty, we can only provide a paper proof for printed label orders; we can provide actual samples of woven labels on a first article approval basis only when accompanied with a production order.

Generally, new label orders with artwork for approval require a 3 to 4 week lead time. If it’s a repeat order we can usually turn around within a couple of weeks.

Not necessarily. It depends on the definition you need and, of course, quantity. A lot of times our woven labels will come back less expensive than printed.

We can provide woven and printed labels from your basic two-tone label up to the highest quality labels. We will work with you to make sure that the quality of your label is just what you had in mind!

Yes. Upon Blanket order placement only. As labels are completely custom, based on your projections, we are happy to keep additional inventory here in our office to avoid any future shortages.

Webbing, Binding Tape & Elastic

Yes. We offer custom jacquard weaving on elastics and webbing with only 5000 yard minimums.

If you are already buying elastic, simply stretch the product – if you can see through it, most of the time you will be using a knit product. Knit products are less expensive than woven products.

Absolutely. Keep in mind that there may be minimums that will be required to run a custom lot, but it can be done. Please contact us and request a formal quote.

Yes we do. Please make your sales representative aware that this is your requirement, and we are happy to quote Latex Free.

All Elastic products will ship from Ohio.

We have many stock products for Elastic available to purchase by the case quantity; stock programs can be created for your needs. Minimum runs for non-stock items are usually 5000 yards and up.


Rope & Cord

Both. Primarily, we sell our shock cord in case quantities. However, in some cases we do keep inventory on our more commonly used items in our stock room. Please call your sales representative and inquire.

All Rope & Cord are typically sold in 5,000 feet and up. However, we will create a stock program for you based on your blanket purchase order needs.


No, we stock or have access to many first quality closeouts.

Based upon what we have available, it may be possible to send you a small piece of the fabric for approval. Please check with one of our sales representatives.

Roll sizes will vary from product to product. Please call us to discuss.

We stock our closeouts mainly in Ohio or South Carolina, but location may vary.

Please call us to check availability. We do currently have access and stock on Mil-Spec closeouts.

Unfortunately, we offer our closeouts on a first come first serve basis. Based on the significant cost savings we urge our customers to take advantage of this as quickly as possible.



Zippers are always measured from component to component (end stops), regardless of zipper style. For example, your total length may only be 16” on a zipper even if you measure 18” from fabric end to fabric end (called zipper tape).

We will do as little as 25 pcs. for you and can turn around your order in 10 to 14 business days (or sooner).

The gauge is measured from one side of the ‘teeth’ to the other side in mm – so if you get 5mm, you need #5 zipper.

Coil chain is not as strong as molded chain. It will depend on your application. A molded chain is easy to tell as it has individually injected molded teeth right onto the zipper tape. Coil chain’s zipper teeth are extruded plastic that are then sewn onto the zipper tape.

Yes, just like our other products, as long as our minimums are met we can dye to match for you on our zipper products. Lead times typically range 12 weeks for this process.