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Not only can we provide you with over 100 stock fabrics, but we also specialize in custom woven fabric that is dyed and finished to meet your specifications.

Take a look and call us if there is something you don’t see - chances are we have it or know where to find it.

Import and domestic options available.

Product Offerings

Cotton Fabrics:

Duck, Canvas, Twill, Sheeting

3 oz. Sheeting up to 28 oz.

Untreated (Natural) and Dyed

Poly/Cotton Fabrics:

Twill, Sheeting, Ripstop

3 oz. Sheeting up to 12 oz.

Untreated (Natural) and Dyed

Polyester Fabrics:

Twill, Duck

70D up to 1800D

Stock programs with different finishes/coatings

Nylon Fabrics:

CORDURA® Brand Nylon, Ripstop

70D up to 1050D Ballistic Nylons

Stock programs with different finishes/coatings

Custom Fabrics

Custom Colors (dye lot minimums apply)

Custom Widths 

  • Can produce fabrics up to 140” 

Custom Finishes:

  •  TPU Lamination and Coating (for RF sealable projects)
  •  Fire Retardant
  •  UV Protected
  •  Anti-microbial/Anti-bacterial
  •  Anti-static
  •  Napped/Brushed
  •  Perforated
  •  Waterproof and Breathable Coatings
  •  Silicone and Acrylic Coatings

Custom Weaves (loom and dye lot minimums apply)

Custom Fiber Blends:

  •  Nylon/Cotton
  •  Poly/Cotton
  •  Nomex
  •  Spectra
  •  CORDURA® Brand

Custom Printing (print minimums apply)

  •  Digital

Mil-Spec Custom Fabrics

Every day, we quote on several military contracts that range from Lightweight Cotton and Ripstop Nylon, to Heavyweight Polyester and Nomex. Most of these military specs are not offered as a stock product and need to be run in dye lots ranging from 900 yards and up.

Our capabilities are immense. We work with our customers to develop new products that ultimately assist the men and women of our armed forces who protect us every day. From perforated nylon to laminations, please give us a call for your next government project.

Our international market for exporting military fabrics has continued to grow over the past several years. A lot of the foreign military contractors have reached out to MMI Textiles to provide them with USA made fabrics.

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Popular Custom Mil-Spec Fabrics:

We quote these custom products on a regular basis. Let us know what we can do for you - our capabilities are endless.

  • Nomex Sheeting (for helmet liners)
  • Poly/Cotton
  • US Forestry Service (several fabrics)
  • US Postal Service (several fabrics)
  • Canadian and International specs
  • Parachute (PIA) specs
  • Custom Printed Govt Camouflage Patterns
  • Heavy Cotton Duck
  • Ballistic Panel Cover (Ripstop)

A Few Things To Consider About Custom Fabric:

This is just a small sampling: Our inventory and custom capabilities are just too large to do justice in such a small space.

We believe in customer service: Our sales reps can help you find exactly what you need. Sometimes, we can even recommend fabrics that serve your purpose better than whatever you are currently using. And after the sale, our support staff will make sure you are well-informed during the production and shipping stages.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and not just a "me too" organization - please let us know if we can work with your product development team to tackle a program and find a solution to your textile needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

A. It depends on the base fabric and what needs to be done to the fabric, i.e. dyeing and finishing only or additional printing and/or custom put up all come into play. Typically we will run about 3 to 4 weeks on standard items and as long as 8 to 10 weeks on items that are not as typical. For imported fabrics, the lead time tends to be 10 to 12 weeks.

A. Yes, we will produce and hold fabric for our customers up to 90 days after goods are ready to ship. We will need to know this in advance, however, as we will need to quote accordingly to allow for this.

A. No. We are fabric converters - we have established relationships with multiple dye and finishing houses all over the country. This gives us the flexibility to choose which dye house has the appropriate machinery to manufacture your product. We take all the necessary to steps to ensure that quality, price, and delivery are the best they can possibly be.

A. As you can imagine, the quoted minimums are based upon load size per product. This is dictated by the dye house in order to achieve maximum efficiency when manufacturing your product. We remind customers that this is not an exact science. Final quantities are contingent upon raw material put up (quantity) and working loss. Please let us know your requirements and we will be more than happy to help you.