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MMI works with several domestic and import knit factories to provide you with a wide assortment of options when it comes to knit fabrics – jersey, warp, interlock, circular, etc.

It is important to know your end use and if the product needs to stretch in one direction or both (2-way or 4-way stretch). Some knit fabrics are available as a stock product, but most of them are made to order and require a minimum of 800 yards up to several thousand yards.

We can also offer special finishes on knit fabrics: Lamination, Brushed/Flocked, Fire Retardant, and more!

Performance Knits

We stock performance knit fabrics for your tactical needs. Select styles are available in Multicam®.

MMI's line of Berry Compliant and Made in the USA performance knit fabrics are available in various weights and features, which include: moisture-wicking, anti-microbial finish for odor control, and some styles are inherently flame resistant.

We offer various styles (ranging in phases and weights). Our sales reps can help you choose the right fabric for your needs!


  • Silver Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Some Styles are Inherently Flame Resistant  - No Melt, No Drip


  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Quick Drying/Moisture Wicking
  • Breathability


  • Shrink, Pick, and Pill Resistant 

Available Options:

Performance Phase FR Phase
Phase 1: Lightweight Technical Fabric 
(4.0-4.5 oz/sq yd)
FR Phase 1: FR Lightweight 
(4.8-5.0 oz/sq yd)
Phase 2: Thermal Midweight Fabric 
(4.7 oz/sq yd)
FR Phase 1.5: FR Lightweight 
(5.0 oz/yd2)
Phase 3: Super Midweight Fabric 
(6.0-7.5 oz/sq yd)
FR Phase 2: FR Midweight 
(5.5 oz/sq yd)
Phase 4: Heavyweight Tech Face Fleece 
(8.0-8.5 oz/sq yd)
FR Phase 3: FR Blend 
(5.8-7.0 oz/sq yd)
Phase 5: Quattro Fleece 
(8.0 oz/sq yd)
FR Phase 4: FR Heavyweight 
(8.5 oz/sq yd)