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MMI Textiles is a premier supplier to the diverse textile marketplace. Through our commitment to unmatched service and integrity, we become indispensable to our partners.

We offer solutions to our customers from fabrics, webbing, binding tape, hook & loop, hardware, labels, and more. As an ISO 9001-certified company, you can be assured you are receiving the best quality and expertise from MMI.


At MMI, the textile business is all in the family. Our owner and founder, Amy Bircher, was raised in the textile industry. As a youngster, she started working for her father and stepmother, Jim and Karen Bircher, at National Dye Works in Lynchburg, South Carolina. Amy earned a Bachelor of Science in Textiles from West Virginia University in 1993.

In January 2007, Jim and Karen Bircher retired and MMI purchased NDW Textiles. 

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Amy Bircher founded MMI Textiles in September of 1997. MMI started as a manufacturer’s representative serving six Midwestern states and handling sales for Tape Craft Corporation, NDW Textiles, Inc., and Wirewright Mfg. MMI branched out to represent ten states by 2001. In 2002, we started distributing product lines that complemented existing MMI lines, providing our customers with reliable sourcing at competitive prices.

As a company, we have rapidly grown. We now oversee the production of our own stock and custom products—many of which are 100% Made in the USA. We own trademarks on the names of many of our products, and a patent on our Printed Narrow CTEdge® Webbing & Binding Tape.

We opened our first manufacturing facility in Lenoir, NC in 2021. MMI's Narrow Weaving Plant will focus on weaving mil-spec webbing and elastic. The following year, we opened our new 45,000 sq. ft. headquarters and distribution center in Brooklyn, OH.


Our resource base has grown to include more than 250 suppliers on 3 continents. We work with these suppliers on a continual basis through long-term partnerships. We carefully oversee the quality of our components in each product.

MMI Textiles is a strong provider in the government contract arena, proudly selling many products that are used in support of our U.S. troops and other government agencies.


Our solid vendor partnerships, increasing resources, and commitment to our customers ensure that MMI will continue to grow!

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Our Core Values

We are grateful for what we have and we gladly share it with others.

We respect each other, ourselves, and the industry we serve. 

Active Learning
We pursue personal and professional growth.

Continuous Improvement
We are pioneers in our industry due to our research, innovation, and collaboration.

We work hard, have fun, and are passionate about excellence.


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