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MiniMI® Mini Cord Lock

These cord locks are smaller than your average and before now, only available as an import product. Our MiniMI® Mini Cord Locks are 100% Made in the USA and Berry Compliant!

Our mini cord locks are great for usage on apparel, gear, bags, and more. Cord locks have numerous applications including: fastening clothing and camping equipment, use with drawstrings on garments and bags, and use with window blind and shade cords. They come assembled, ready to add to the cordage on your product.

MiniMi® Mini Cordlock 
1/16" - 3/32" Mini Cord Lock

Dimensions: 0.46" X 0.66"
MOQ: 1 bag (300 pcs/bag | 5,100 pcs/case)

Made in the USA/Berry Compliant

  • black
  • tan

* Printed colors will not always represent actual shade of hardware. Please request sample for true shade reference.