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hook and loop - MMI Textiles
MMI Textiles offers a complete stock program of hook and loop to meet all of your touch fastening needs. We offer both an import line as well as domestically produced VELCRO® Brand for our military customers.

The minimum order for our stock products is ONE CASE each of hook and loop – case sizes vary depending on product and width. However, we do offer stocking programs.

Our hook and loop products are stocked in our OH warehouse and shipped within 24 hours of confirmed receipt of order. 

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA. Used with permission.

Product Offerings

  • Sew-On Hook & Loop (up to 6” widths)
  • PSA (Sticky Back) and Heat Sealable (including coins)
  • Molded Hook
  • Back to Back | VELCRO® BRAND ONE-WRAP®
  • Wide Circular and Warp Knit (50” to 60”)
  • Cinch Straps and Custom Strap Assemblies
  • Die Cutting and Slitting Capabilities
  • Mil-Spec Hook & Loop
  • Printed Loop

Mil-Spec Hook & Loop


We are military distributors for Velcro Companies. We offer a broad range of VELCRO® BRAND mil-spec hook and loop products in solid military colors - also available printed.

A-A-55126 certified fasteners in widths up to 6” (50-yard rolls) and VELCRO® BRAND ONE-WRAP® fasteners (25-yard rolls) in popular military colors, including:

  • Coyote Brown
  • Ranger Green
  • Black
  • Wolf Gray
  • Tan
  • Foliage Green (limited basis)

VELCRO® BRAND Mil-Spec fasteners are Made in the USA and Berry Compliant. Our Mil-Spec hook and loop products are stocked and distributed out of our Cleveland, OH warehouse. All fasteners are sold by the case - ONE CASE minimum order.

Sew-On Hook & Loop

sew on hook and loop - MMI Textiles
  • Import/Domestic
  • Product is woven and available in widths up to 6”
  • Black and White are standard stock colors
  • Other stock colors available in various widths (please inquire on available colors)
  • Stocked on 50 yard rolls and shipped by the case


  • Import
  • 6.5 mil hook that is softer to the touch and less aggressive
  • Very popular for the medical market
  • Stocked on 50 yard rolls and shipped by the case


  • Import
  • Meets FAA FAR 25.853 (b)
  • Black is standard stock color
  • Stocked on 50 yard rolls and shipped by the case
  • Fire Retardant Polyester is also available on a custom order basis

PSA (Sticky Back)

The most popular and economical choice
  • Stocked on 25/50 yard rolls in widths up to 6”
  • Black and white are typically in stock
  • Colors can be ordered and stocked based on your needs


Mostly used in high temperature and outdoor applications
  • Typically 20% more expensive than Rubber Based PSA products
  • Stocked on 25/50 yard rolls
  • Black and white available in certain widths as a stock item


Very popular in medical, industrial and the sign/banner industry where welding is typically used over sewing
  • Two different thicknesses offered depending on your end use
  • 1” and 2” are common stock widths in black and white
  • Other widths (up to 6”) are available on a custom order basis


Offered in both rubber and acrylic based hook & loop
  • Black and white are standard stock items
  • 3/4” and 7/8” are most commonly stocked items

Molded Hook

MMI offers a line of molded hook products made both domestically and imported. There are several different profiles available of molded hook, depending on your needs for level of aggressiveness and end use.

Molded Hook is made in widths up to 12” and can be easily slit to any width desired.

We don’t typically stock molded hook due to its specialty nature, however, we can create a stock program for you based on what your needs are. This way you can have it available to you without waiting for a long lead time.

Back to Back

  • Woven Hook to Woven Loop
  • Woven Hook to Woven Hook
  • Woven Loop to Woven Loop
  • Typically put up on 25 yard rolls and sold by the case. 
  • Not a standard stock item – this is a custom product. 
  • Molded Hook to Knit Loop (also used in making tie down and cinch straps
  •  Black and white are the most commonly stocked colors.
  •  Available on 25 yard rolls and sold by the case – ONE case minimum order.

Wide Circular Knit and Warp Knit Loop

  • Stocked in 60” width in Black (Import
  • Stocked in 50” width in Ranger Green (VELCRO® Brand
  • Put up on 50 yard rolls 
  • More colors will be added to our stock program in the near future and/or as our customers demands shift.


  • Stocked in 54” width in Ranger Green (VELCRO® Brand
  • Stocked in 60” width in Black – 3oz. per square yard (Import
  • Stocked in 60” width in Black and White – 8oz. per square yard (Import
  • Put up on 50 yard rolls 
  • Other lightweight UBL products available in different colors

Cinch Straps and Custom Strap Assemblies

MMI offers custom produced VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® cinch straps in any desired length with a low minimum of 5000+ pcs per length. This is typically offered in black or white.

We also stock custom strap assemblies using our various hook and loop products, webbing, fastening hardware, etc. as a value added service to our customers. This custom stock program is tailored to our customer’s needs and based on blanket orders provided to us by our customers.

Die Cutting and Slitting Capabilities

MMI is able to offer cut to length pieces on our hook and loop products, as well as various custom finishes specific to our customer’s needs:

  • Bullet Nose 
  • Angled or Straight 
  • Crushed Tip 
  • Bundled and Tied 
  • Custom Shapes
  • Custom Put Ups

We also offer slitting services – if you prefer not to have a selvedge or have a non-traditional width requirement, we can handle this for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic-based product is typically used in outdoor applications and when used against PVC products. It has better UV properties and holds up better in varying temperatures. Acrylic-based product is generally priced 20% higher than rubber-based.

Unnapped loop has a higher cycle life and is generally used in many medical applications. Sometimes it is used because it is aesthetically more pleasing than regular loop.

All products are stocked and shipped by the case so our only minimum is one case per product per side. Case size varies by product – usually 500 yards+.

No. However, we will make every attempt to supply you with sample yardage upon request. Please feel free to call and request a sample at any time.