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The 3 Best Fabrics to Use Outdoors


Now that he weather is improving over here in the Midwest and eastern part of the country, we are thinking more and more about being outside. Weather, rain, humidity, and all kinds of precipitation are all factor when it comes to being outside in good or bad weather. So when it comes to fabrics, picking the right one for outdoor uses is important. Let’s break down three of the best fabrics to use outside and which ones weather better than others.



Polyester is a tough, versatile fabric. Polyester works well outside because it is resistant to stretching and abrasion, mold and rot resistant, light-weight, and flexible. Polyester can also come vinyl-backed which adds to its inherent durability. One last thing, solution-dyed polyester especially is great for outdoor use because it has very good sun resistance and wear properties.



Nylon has a lot of the same qualities as polyester but also some key differences. One difference being nylon has superior abrasion resistance, making it the choice fabric for use in military applications. Nylon is easy to wash, extremely versatile, rot and mold/mildew resistant, and somewhat UV resistant. Nylon is also extremely quick-drying and highly water repellent, too!

Nylon is really one of the most versatile fabrics in the textile industry, so it is no surprise that is has many outdoor uses.



While ripstop is technically not a specific fabric but a weave that is done in many different synthetic fabrics...ripstop fabrics have unique uses, especially when it comes to the outdoors. These fabrics pride themselves on being unable to rip or extremely resistant to ripping, hence the name “ripstop”. They are commonly used in rain jackets and camping equipment like tents and sleeping bags. Kites, parachutes, and flags are made from ripstops, too. Ripstops are easy to identify because of the square, cross-stitch pattern they have. It seems that ripstops are growing increasingly more popular in the industry! 


Lucky for you, we stock all three of these fabrics in many different varieties, deniers, and colors. If we had our way in Cleveland, we would be concerned about “outdoor fabrics” all year round. But we know that’s not case, so we’ll get excited about anything outside as spring takes full force. As always, our team at MMI would love to talk any project are working on or send any samples your way.

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