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Narrow Weaving Plant

Outside of narrow weaving plant

MMI’s first manufacturing facility opened in 2021 located in Lenoir, NC. This facility’s focus is on weaving mil-spec webbing and elastic for the military and tactical industries.

30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. 20,000 square feet of production for our narrow weaving and 10,000 square feet of printing for our partner, Mikan Printing – all under one roof.

MMI Textiles Narrow Weaving Plant Introduction video thumbnail


  • A customized loom where we creel directly to it allowing product development in short or smaller runs
  • Customized heat range webbing return for efficiency
  • Blocking capability off the back of the heat range


  • 14 Jakob Mueller needle looms weaving up to 5" wide
  • Tricot (Yoyo) Warper
  • Sectional Warper and Creel System
  • Heat Set Range
  • Dyeing/Finishing Range

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