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Polyester Fabric

This lightweight polyester fabric is very malleable and sturdy. Our 200D Polyester is water resistant and dries quickly thanks to its DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. Great lower cost alternative to 200D Nylon.

200D Polyester

This medium-weight fabric is flame retardant and ultraviolet resistant. Our 500D Polyester is highly durable and will do a great job of standing up against the elements.

500D Polyester

600D Polyester is known for being durable yet more affordable or budget friendly as opposed to Nylon. This fabric is tough and versatile making it a popular fabric choice of manufacturers.

600D Polyester

600D Medium Vinyl Back fabric is ideal for harsh rugged conditions. 600D MVB Polyester has a sturdy appearance and is water and mildew resistant.

600D MVB Polyester

600 Vinyl Back Heavy Polyester is a vinyl coated polyester fabric that has great tear resistance. This fabric is strong, versatile, and water and mildew resistant.

600D VBH Polyester

1000D Polyester is very versatile and most used to make outdoor gear for rugged conditions. 1000D polyester is extremely heavy duty and very hard to tear as it has two times the strength of cotton.

1000D Polyester


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Materials are sold by full roll only. Cut yardage is not available. Minimum Order Quantity: $500 US / $1000 International.

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