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Introducing: Printed Narrow TACTWEAR™ HANK

Introducing: Printed Narrow TACTWEAR™ HANK

Introducing MultiCam® Printed Narrow TACTWEAR™ HANK through a partnership with Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics and our printing partner Mikan Printing. This product will be single side printed in licensed MultiCam® Classic and MultiCam® Black patterns and offered in 4 ¼” wide rolls instead of the typical 60” wide. There are two available weight options - 18 oz. or 35 oz.

A little more information on TACTWEAR™ HANK (High Abrasion Neoprene Kevlar®) – it is designed to meet the needs of warfighters, first responders, homeland security, and special operations. This Made in the USA/Berry Compliant material has excellent abrasion resistance and is flexible, flame resistant, waterproof, and laser cuttable in well ventilated areas. End uses include high abrasion strap areas of tactical cummerbunds/vests and pull tabs on ends of straps.


Printed Narrow TACTWEAR HANK


  • Single side printed in MultiCam® patterns
  • Made in the USA/Berry Compliant
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Flexible
  • FR (flame resistant)
  • Laser cuttable in well ventilated areas
  • Waterproof



Fiber: Rubber
Width: 4 1/4" | Capability to print up to 5"
Weight: 18 oz. or 35 oz.
Colors: MultiCam® Classic, MultiCam® Black
MOQ: 50 yds. roll/10,000 yds. for custom widths


Coming soon. Now accepting pre-orders. Please contact us for pricing, samples, and more information.