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200D Nylon

200D Nylon is a lightweight strong fabric with little stretch. 200D Nylon has very high tear strength, is strong and versatile. Our 200D Nylon is perfect for linings of military ballistic vests and tactical vests. It is also great at being wind repellent making it perfect for windbreakers.

200D Nylon is most used for military gear, and outdoor & camping gear.

Some common uses for this fabric include: linings of bags and tactical gear, drawstring bags, duffle bags, and windbreakers.

200D Nylon

Military Stock (Berry Compliant)

Fiber: Nylon
Denier: 200 x 200
Width: 59” / 60”
Finish: DWR
Coating: Urethane

Weight (oz. sq. yd) FTM 5041 3.4
Weave Plain
Yarn Count W56 x F 50

  • tan

* Printed colors will not always represent actual shade of fabric. Please request sample for true shade reference.