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1050D Ballistic Nylon is a tough, durable, basket weave fabric. This fabric is certified for the military and was first made popular during World War II when it was created for anti-fragment jackets for the troops to resist bullet impact and debris from shrapnel. 1050D Ballistic Nylon is great at being water and abrasion resistant and is a very durable, versatile fabric.

1050D Nylon is commonly used for military/tactical gear and heavy-duty outdoor gear. 

Some common uses for this fabric include: Tool belts, backpacks, flak jackets, horse blankets, chainsaw chaps, police belts, kayak covers, motorcycle gear, luggage, and tarps.

1050D Ballistic Nylon


Fiber: Nylon 
Denier: 1050 x 1050
Coating: Urethane 
Finish: DWR

Weight  ASTM D-3776 14.2 oz.
Width  Visual 58"/59"
Weave Visual 2 x 2 Basket
Yarn Count Visual (Min 46 x 42) Warp 44 / Fill 42
Crocking AATCC 8 5 Dry / 5 Wet
Break Strength ASTM D-5034 Warp - 1020 lbs. / Weft – 955 lbs.
Abrasion Resistance ASTM 3884 (Body Armor Test) No hole after 800 cycles
Spray Rating AATCC5228 100
Shrinkage AATCC 135 3%
Coating Weight   1.5 oz.

  • black

Black is stock and available on 50 yard rolls. Custom colors are available in 900 yard dye lots.

* Printed colors will not always represent actual shade of fabric. Please request sample for true shade reference.