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MMI Textiles is a solutions-based industrial textile supplier. Whether we can provide you with an actual product or we can connect you with someone who has that element you are looking for, we’ll do the leg work for you. And that’s where our product – CTEdge® comes in. This solution-based technique is featured in our printed MultiCam® binding tape and webbing. It can alleviate the issue that some members of our armed forces and tactical customers face, typically referred to as the “white edge”.

Our CTEdge® webbing and binding tape are made using a weaving technique where the outside edge is woven with a different color. This allows the edge of the printed narrow fabric to blend in much more with the MultiCam® or military-colored fabric behind it.

Our product is the roll on the right.


We offer our exclusive CTEdge® in both A-A-55301* and Mil-W-17337*. It is also available in OCP (on a contract-only basis) and M81 Woodland. This product is often used in bags, vests, MOLLE systems, and other tactical gear.

*Commercial variance to accommodate solution-dyed yarn 



Same thing here – our exclusive binding tape comes with our patented CTEdge® that meets Mil-T-5038. This product is stocked and available in ¾” and 1”.

The picture to the left, a Crye Precision product, is created with MMI’s materials. The tape and webbing used on it are the CTEdge® product. Additionally, the vest is made with our loop and elastic.

Product image