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Through an exclusive partnership with Flexsystems USA® we offer custom PVC parts.

This line of custom products includes: Made in the USA/Berry Compliant VELCRO® backed military patches, VELCRO® backed cuff tabs, 2D PVC patches and labels, zipper pulls, flame resistant parts, and more!

The options available are numerous and can be customized to meet many sizes, shapes, logos, and colors. These products can also be engineered with BioCorn and other recycled materials to make them more environmentally-conscious.


Product Offerings:

Zipper Pulls

We can design zipper pulls in various custom shapes, sizes, and colors. The material is a medical grade USA made resin. Pro tip: just like cuff tabs, the more texture you add to the design - the easier it is to grab on to. 


Instead of woven labels, you can opt to do 2D labels. These will last longer than woven and enable your product to stand out.

The BioCorn material used for some of these parts is eco-friendly and will last a very long time. Also, on the back of the parts to assist with sewing, tacking adhesive, a heat seal backing, or an aggressive 3M adhesive can be added.

Options Include:

  • Side Seam Labels
  • Smart Labels
  • FR Labels

Woven Hook Patches

As an alternative to embroidery, woven parts offer more detail options. They have a smooth surface area versus the raised area with embroidery. Pantone color matching is offered or a swatch can be sent for custom color matching. Hook can either be sewn on or heat sealed to the woven area.

2D Cuff Tabs

These can be designed in any shape or size. Pro tip: the more texture you add to certain areas, the easier it is to grab on to. 

Hook is heat sealed to the back of this part - which creates a very secure bond.

These tabs can be used for jackets, gloves, bags, medical braces and various other types of products that require a hook and loop bond.