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Now Available: MultiCam® Shoelaces

Now Available: MultiCam® Shoelaces

If you have been following our've been waiting for this!

Now Available: MultiCam® Shoelaces. Polyester laces that are printed in MultiCam®, cut to length, and tipped in the USA. Minimum order quantity of 144 pairs* - available in MultiCam® Classic and MultiCam® Black. Other patterns available at a larger minimum order.

Product Offerings:
MultiCam® Black | Available Lengths: 45”, 63”, 72"
MultiCam® Classic | Available Lengths: 45”, 63”, 72"

Other MultiCam® patterns are available at a larger minimum order.

For pricing and more information, please contact us or give us a call at 440-899-8050.

*If you would like to purchase by the pair - check out our Instagram highlight: MC Shoelace

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