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New MultiCam® Webbing Developed in Conjunction with Mystery Ranch

As you might have already heard – due to this Soldier Systems Daily post and our SEAMS e-mail blast – in conjunction with Mystery Ranch, we have developed a new MultiCam® webbing that will be used in certain models of Mystery Ranch backpacks moving forward.

Like our current offerings, this Made in the USA/Berry Compliant webbing uses our patented CTEdge™ to conceal and blend the edge. The 1” version also incorporates our exclusive “High Blend” of MultiCam® to reduce any laddering effect that only one repeat of the pattern causes. Also, our print technology improves UV and abrasion of the ink (versus what is currently being offered in the industry) for long lasting color in the harshest of environments.

What makes this webbing different from our current offerings, is the unique construction - making it stronger and thicker than your typical 55301 MOLLE webbing. This construction allows for better pull strength, break strength, and less slip through buckles.

mystery ranch multicam webbing on pack

*Currently available on a limited basis* – please contact your sales rep or [contact us here][6] for more info.

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