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A Quick History of Polyester

Woven fabrics have a rich history. And sometimes, after dealing with them so often, it can be helpful to reexamine the history of them and what makes them such a useful and staple part of the industry and of MMI Textiles, Inc. Polyester is a versatile fabric that is used when durability is a necessary attribute.

In the early 1940’s the fabric industry was booming. For a few years, polyester took a back seat to nylon but once it was thoroughly developed and ready to be launched, it was introduced to the American public in 1951. It was marketed as a “magic” fabric that needed no ironing and was extremely wrinkle resistant. The fabric continued gaining traction in the textile industry and came a comparatively inexpensive and very durable option for textile needs.

From there, it only makes sense that different blends and microfibers of polys were created that offered a different feel and different qualities. It is especially used in outerwear when durability and tenacity are of the utmost importance. In addition, it can be coated with a water-resistant coating, like DWR, which makes it more ideal for outdoor uses. Its ability to keep its shape and refrain from wrinkling also makes it a good option for shirts, pants, suits, and bed sheets especially when blended with other fibers. It’s a popular option within households for drapes and tapestries. It's also commonly used to make ropes, films, and sails. Clearly, polyester is versatile with a wide range of uses in several different industries.

MMI Textiles, Inc. carries a handful of options of polyesters and polyester blends. If polyester is what you are looking for, check out our dedicated page. Keep in mind that we also have experience with a large amount of projects that include polyester fabrics so it’s easy for us to fill you in on what kinds you might need for a project that might be on deck. We can send out samples too, so that you can see for yourself the different kinds that we can offer you. Call us at 440.899.8050 or send us a quick email at to get questions answered or samples sent.




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