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Amy Bircher - MMI Textiles

Amy Bircher:

President and Founder

Nick Rivera - MMI Textiles

Nick Rivera:

Director of Operations

Debbie Grant - MMI Textiles

Debbie Grant:

Director of Marketing and Business Services 

Kevin Poore - MMI Textiles

Kevin Poore:

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Geoff Senko - MMI Textiles

Geoff Senko:

National Account Manager 

Brian Devito - MMI Textiles

Brian DeVito:

Inside Sales Representative

Marcus Murray:

Sales Representative

Matt Halligan - MMI Textiles

Matt Halligan:

Staff Accountant

Kim Brown - MMI Textiles

Kim Brown:

Customer Service / Sales Support

Karen Peters - MMI Textiles

Karen Peters:

Customer Service / Sales Support

Nicole Baum - MMI Textiles

Nicole Baum:

Production Scheduling / Sales Support

Jake Hone - MMI Textiles

Jake Hone:

Customer Service / Sales Support

Josh Slack - MMI Textiles

Josh Slack:

Customer Service / Sales Support

Lisa Lewis - MMI Textiles

Lisa Lewis

Customer Service / Sales Support

Christine Campbell - MMI Textiles

Christine Campbell:

Office Assistant

Katie Seel - MMI Textiles

Katie Seel:

Marketing Coordinator

Cubbie - MMI Textiles


Office Mascot