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Amy Bircher

CEO & Founder

Nick Rivera

Chief Operating Officer

Debbie Grant

Chief of Staff

Kathy Stevens

Chief Financial Officer

Mary Reardon

Vice President of Textile Innovation

Joey Smith

Director of Business Development

Ramon Olivares

Vice President of Latin America Business Development

Will Cromer

National Account Manager

Michael Vitou

Account Manager

Lisa Wyman

ERP / IT Specialist

Diane Bures


Joshua Slack

Supply Chain Manager

Kim Brown

Product Sourcing / Sales Support

Lisa Lewis


Nicole Baum

Senior Production Coordinator / Sales Support

Corey Parkhurst

Production Planner / Scheduler

Katie Seel

Marketing Coordinator

Christine Campbell

Office Manager

Karen Peters

Senior Customer Service / Sales Support

Melissa Hunt

Customer Service / Sales Support

Margaret Biehl

Customer Service / Sales Support

Laura Webb

Customer Service / Sales Support

Roger Schlott

Customer Service / Sales Support

Kaitlin Haag

Customer Service / Marketing Support

Tom Urbin

Warehouse Associate


Office Mascot

Narrow Weaving Plant

Batuhan Bilgin

Plant Supervisor