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MMI’s first manufacturing facility opened in 2021 located in Lenoir, NC. This facility’s focus is on weaving mil-spec webbing and elastic for the military and tactical industries.

30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. 20,000 square feet of production for our narrow weaving; 10,000 square feet of printing with our partner, Mikan Printing – all under one roof.


  • Customized Heat Range webbing return for efficiency
  • Blocking capability off the back of the heat range
  • Brand new finishing range with the ability to dye if needed


  • 12 Jakob Mueller needle looms weaving up to 5" wide
  • 1 Tricot (Yoyo) Warper
  • Sectional Warper and Creel System
  • Heat Set Range
  • Dyeing/Finishing Range
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