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#8 (18oz.) COTTON DUCK

Numbered Ducks are made with plied yarns in both warp and weft. This makes numbered ducks stronger, more durable, stiffer, and less permeable to liquids, inks, and paints than single fill ducks. 

Numbered ducks, like our #8 (18 oz.) Cotton Duck, are a great choice for heavy-duty industrial or outdoor use. 

Some common uses for this fabric include: canvas tote bags, tool bags, outdoor clothing, messenger bags and backpacks, tents, awnings, industrial machine covers, hammocks, and director chair covers.

#8 (18 OZ.) COTTON DUCK 

Fiber: Cotton Duck
Denier: 18 oz. 
Width: 58” / 60”
Available: 75 yd. Rolls

*Custom colors and finishes available in 1200 yd dye lots

Weight (oz/sq. yd.) FTM 5041 17.75 oz./ sq. yd.
Width (inches) Visual 58”
Weave Visual Plain
Yarn Count (In) Visual W36 x F23
Crocking FTM 5651 4 dry/ 3 wet

  • olive drab

Colors will not always represent the actual shade of fabric. Please request a sample for true shade reference. Custom colors and finishes are available via dye lots.