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Looking for a deal? We might be able to help!

We sometimes have access to overstock fabric and other products that we want to move quickly - so we're offering them at LOW prices! The quality of our closeouts is the same as our normal inventory (unless otherwise noted)

Please note: stock on these items changes quickly and availability is not guaranteed.

Check out our current closeout products:

Item # Description Price (per/yd.) Available (yds.)
FANYI00083 59/60" 210D Nylon, Navy, PU Coated, DWR $1.37 948
FANYI00084 59/60" 210D Nylon, Red, PU Coated, DWR $1.37 631
FANYI00085 59/60" 210D Nylon, Silver, PU Coated, DWR $1.51 472
FANYI00088 59/60" 420D Nylon, Brown, PU Coated, DWR $2.16 1534
FANYI00092 59/60" 420D Nylon, Olive PU Coated, DWR $2.16 210
FANYI00093 59/60" 420D Nylon, Red, PU Coated, DWR $2.16 3990
FANYI00094 59/60" 420D Nylon, Royal, PU Coated, DWR $2.16 2240
FAPOI00098 59/60" 600D Polyester Silver PU Coated DWR $2.22 1050
FAPOI00103 59/60" 600D Polyester White PU Coated DWR $2.07 770
FAPOI00117 59/60" 600D Polyester, Gold, PU Coated, DWR $1.79 280
FAPOI00118 59/60" 600D Polyester, Hunter, PU Coated, DWR $2.22 498
FANYB00168 59/60" 1000D CORDURA Nylon, Dark Forest, Coated, DWR $5.60 89
FANYB00169 59/60" 1000D CORDURA Nylon, E Brown, Coated, DWR $5.60 590
FANYB00171 59/60" 1000D CORDURA Nylon, Neon Green, Coated, Dwr $5.60 287
FANYB00173 59/60" 1000D CORDURA Nylon, Tan, Coated, DWR $5.60 50
FANYB00161 59/60" 1000D CORDURA Nylon, Yellow, Coated DWR $5.60 813
FANYB00025 59/60" 1000D Nylon, Charcoal Green, Coated DWR $5.60 872
FANYI00097 59/60" 1680D Nylon, Black, PVC $4.90 2735


Please contact us for more information

Stock on these offerings changes quickly and availability is not guaranteed.