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Two Popular Medical Fabric Options

When it comes to textiles, different industries are going to have unique needs. And that applies to more than just choosing various products or materials.

The medical industry has exact product specifications that need to be met before a decision can be made. MMI Textiles understands this, so we work hard to ensure that we have quality material options for professionals in the medical industry.

MMI Textiles can help you meet special qualifications for fabric products in the medical industry.



According the American Latex Allergy Association, around three million people are sensitive to latex. It’s also estimated that eight to 17 percent of health care workers are sensitized to the product, dictating a need for latex-free elastics. 

MMI is happy to offer latex-free options for elastics. Make sure to tell an MMI sales representative about your requirements and he or she can provide latex-free options for your needs.


You don’t want to have your fabrics to become a breeding ground for mildew and bacteria, especially if you’re working in the medical industry. MMI can provide anti-microbial and anti-bacterial custom finishes that will help to keep your fabric safer for your field.

Meeting Necessary Compliances

There are many potential medical qualifications that may apply to what you need, including:

• RoHS compliance

• CE Mark (European Compliance) 

• ISO 9001

• FDA Registered

If you’re in need of textile products that can be used in the medical industry, contact us or request a quote today to find out how MMI can help.

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