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Ripstop: A Really Versatile Fabric

Ripstop is a popular fabric throughout the textile marketplace. From 1.9oz Nylon Ripstop, 1.1oz Calendared Ripstop, and 420D Nylon Ripstop there is a lot of options to find the right one. For those who may not be familiar with Ripstop, it’s a type of woven fabric, often made of nylon, which uses a special reinforcing technique to make it tear and ripping resistant. Hence, the name “ripstop”. Get it?! During weaving, some reinforcement threads are woven in a crosshatch pattern to give the fabric the appearance it has.

Ripstop is typically used in making products that are used outdoors. Sailing, tents, sleeping bags, flags, banners, just name a few. It can be used as a reinforcing fabric in products or clothes made to be worn in extreme durability or extreme conditions, like firefighters clothing. And it is a great choice for backpacks, sports clothing, and some different kinds of luggage. One reason Nylon Ripstop is a good option for a lot of these different avenues is because it can be water resistant, water-proof, fire resistant, and have zero posterity, which means no air can escape through it. It can come in a wide range of weights and colors and is really just a versatile fabric. This is why it is also used a lot in the military and tactical industry


MMI knows Ripstop. So much so we have a whole page dedicated to it. We sell both import and domestic and do our best to try to find the kind and color that you are looking for. Three of our specialties are the 1.9oz Nylon Ripstop, the 1.1oz Calendared Ripstop, and the 420D Nylon Ripstop, as mentioned above. In addition, we are able to get our hands on a lot of different option. If you’re interested in starting to use Nylon Ripstop or if you are looking to change up the kind you usually use, feel free to call us so we can get a sample out to you. We’d love to discuss the project with you, give your some general info, or answer any of your questions. Feel free to email us at or call us at 440.899.8050 to get all the details on Ripstop. 

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