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MMI Outdoor Adventure Series: Introducing EcoThriv™

MMI Outdoor Adventure Series: Introducing EcoThriv™

Welcome back!

For the third and final blog (for now) in our Outdoor Adventure Blog Series we wanted to introduce you to a whole new product line we’ve been developing - EcoThriv™ Environmentally Preferred Performance Fabrics.

EcoThriv™ is a made in the USA line of environmentally preferred performance fabrics. It was developed using some of the most responsible and innovative fibers and finishes on the market. So not only are these fabrics better for our planet - they also perform at a high level. This line of fabrics features low minimum orders. Each fabric is sold by the roll.

The environmentally preferred fibers, finishes, and additives used to develop these fabrics include: recycled cotton, recycled polyester including REPREVE®, TENCEL™, X4zol™-J, HeiQ finishes, and CiCLO® additive.

EcoThriv™ was developed for those who desire high quality, made in the USA, responsible fabrics to use in their finished apparel products. End uses include: yoga bottoms, athletic wear, T-shirts, athleisure dresses, woven tops, knit shorts, outerwear, quarter zip jackets, and much more.


This fabric is solution-dyed double-knit interlock made of 84% recycled polyester and 16% X4zol™-J with HeiQ Smart Temp and Fresh finishes. X4zol™-J is a TPU fiber produced by Lubrizol and has better compression properties than spandex and is more environmentally friendly. HEIQ finishes follow strict best practices that limit wastewater and energy.

End uses: Yoga Bottoms, Athletic Wear, Rompers



This jersey fabric is made using environmentally preferred fibers: 50% rPET, 37% recycled cotton, and 13% TENCEL™ fiber. Juniper is a fabric that has lower GHG emissions than virgin fabrics and has the performance to keep you cool and comfortable through a wide range of activities.

End uses: T-Shirts, Baselayers, Gussets



This is a mechanical stretch woven fabric made of 100% Recycled Polyester. This fabric has mechanical stretch in the weft to avoid the addition of spandex. Spandex is petroleum based, requires lots of energy to produce, and is not biodegradable. Use it as an entire garment for easy future recyclability. Note: imported yarn was used in this fabric.

End uses: Shorts, Pants, Athleisure Dresses, Woven Tops, Gussets



This interlock fabric is made of 100% REPREVE® with Sorbtek® fibers delivering an environmentally preferred fabric with inherent breathability and moisture wicking. Use it as an entire garment for easy future recyclability.

End uses: Quarterip Jackets, Mid-Layer Tops, Knit Shorts



This is a solution-dyed fleece fabric made of 100% recycled polyester with CiCLO® additive that allows polyester to biodegrade. This fabric is finished with HeiQ Eco Dry which is a fluorine free DWR finish. HeiQ finishes follow strict best practices that limit wastewater and energy. This fabric provides the warmth and performance of a stay dry fleece with enhanced environmental attributes.

End uses: Outerwear, Softshells, Fleece Jackets


Joshua is in stock now! The others are coming soon. Please let us know if you would like to see samples of our EcoThriv™ fabrics or learn more - contact us or give us a call at 440-899-8050.

As your total textile supplier we also offer many other raw materials to help you create the best quality outdoor apparel and products for your customers.