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MMI Donates to Brady's K9 Fund to Vest a Cleveland Area K9

We recently donated to Brady's K9 Fund so they could provide a Line of Fire Defence Systems StreetFighter vest to a Cleveland area K9.

A little background information: LOF Defence Systems in Canada makes vests and tactical equipment for Military, Police, Security, and K9 applications. Their vests are custom fit and made of bullet proof, moisture-wicking material, and are designed to be worn all day. We supply fabric, hook & loop, and webbing to them! Brady's K9 Fund was started in 2018 by 10-year-old Brady Snakovsky of Strongsville, OH with the mission "to donate practical, mission ready vests to as many police K9's as possible". Since then, he has raised enough money to vest 127 K9 officers around the country with another 60 on a waiting list.

The K9 that received the LOF vest is Kubo, a K9 officer for the Cleveland RTA Transit Police. Kubo is their only double-duty K-9 officer (bomb and patrol). He was put on Brady’s K-9 Fund waiting list last spring after Brady met RTA’s K9 team.

Our National Account Manager, Geoff Senko, got the ball rolling on this after he heard of Brady's K9 Fund. He loved their mission and wanted to get involved. Geoff's grandfather served as a local Northeast Ohio police officer, so Brady's mission instantly caught his attention. In fact, the vest donated to Kubo includes a special patch in memory of his grandfather - Sgt. Ken Houck.

K9 Kubo's Vest

Brady's K9 Fund, Officials from RTA Cleveland, and K9 Kubo along with his K9 handler Officer Dennis Harmon visited MMI today:

K9 Kubo his handler Officer Harmon, Brady from Brady's K9 Fund, and Geoff Senko from MMI

Wish to donate to Brady's K9 Fund? Visit their website and click the donate button!

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