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Introducing: SAM Laminations

Introducing: SAM Laminations

Introducing SAM Laminations. This Made in the USA/Berry Compliant line features our popular SAM1®/SAM2® stretch woven fabrics laminated to our EcoThriv® Willow grid fleece or a polyester/lycra solid fleece. Perfect for making softshell garments and accessories. These stretch woven lamination options are Made in the USA and Berry Compliant. They are all tough, durable, and resistant to the elements.

Available Stretch Wovens: SAM1®, SAM2®
Available Fleece Options: EcoThriv® Willow Grid Fleece, Solid Fleece



  • Perfect for softshell garments and accessories, especially outerwear.
  • Made in the USA/Berry Compliant
  • Stretch woven fabric laminated to a grid or solid fleece.
  • Custom laminations and custom back/face colors are available by the dye lot.



SAM1®/Solid Fleece: 53"/54", 14.6 oz.

sam1 to solid fleece

SAM1®/EcoThriv® Willow Grid Fleece: 53"/54", 16.3 oz.

sam1 to ecothriv willow

SAM 2®/Solid Fleece: 53"/54", 13.3 oz.

sam2 to solid fleece

SAM 2®/EcoThriv® Willow Grid Fleece: 55"/56", 13.9 oz.

SAMLAM Coyote SAM2 to Coyote EcoThriv Willow



SAM1®: Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Tan, Wolf Gray, Black, OCP
SAM2®: Coyote Brown, Tan, Wolf Gray, Black, M81 Woodland
EcoThriv® Willow: Coyote Brown, Black
Polyester/Lycra Solid Fleece: Coyote Brown, Black, Tan


Please contact us for pricing, samples, and more information.