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Hook and Loop: What kind should you be using?


Because you have so many choices, it can be hard to narrow down exactly the kind of hook and loop you need. We are able to offer a robust product line of different kinds of hook and loop that allows us to serve the medical, industrial, military, and commercial industry. There are so many options out there, there is a chance you may not even be using the best kind for your end use. We offer many of the below variations in domestic and import, including VELCRO® brand – all variables are likely to affect price and lead time. Most hook and loop styles are stocked in black and white – along with different military colors. Colors are available and sometimes stocked, but stock is always changing so it’s your best bet to give us a call to inquire on stock, lead time, and pricing.


Sew-on – the most basic and widely used variation of hook and loop usually in standard nylon and also available in fire retardant nylon  

Rubber, Acrylic-based, PSA-back – Rubber-based is the most popular and the most economical choice, acrylic-based is often used in high-temp and outdoor applications, heat sealable/RF weldable is very popular in the medical and industrial industries where welding is more common than sewing

Hook and loop coins – available is both rubber and acrylic based and ¾” and 7/8” are the most commonly stocked sizes

Molded hook – a specialty product used across the board and made in different varieties of profiles   that we don’t always have in stock but can certainly create custom stock programs for you

Soft hook – less aggressive than traditional hook and softer to touch and for those reasons is very popular to the medical industry

Unnapped loop – this kind has a higher cycle life and is generally used in many medical applications. Sometimes it is used because it is aesthetically more pleasing than regular loop.

ONE-WRAP® - a popular choice in the industrial industry used for cinch wraps and tie downs, this VELCRO® brand product is commonly stocked in black and white

Back to back loop – a custom product, we can get back-to-back loop in a range of lead times depending on whether you prefer domestic or import


Printed Loop - as of recently, we can now print on loop and the backside of hook. We sell MultiCam® pattern on mil-spec loop and we can print logos and patterns on various sizes of mil-spec, domestic, and commerical loop. 

Die-cut capabilities – we can offer cut to length pieces on our hook and loop products shipped directly from our Ohio warehouse

Because of all the characteristics that hook and loop can take on, we have a handful of office experts that are prepared to take on just about anything you have a question on when it comes to hook and loop. Don't hesitate to reach out by email,, or by phone at 440-899-8050




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