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Did you know? We offer Coated Aramid Thread

Did you know? We offer Coated Aramid Thread

You might not think of MMI as a thread supplier – but we do offer a thread which helps fill a void in both the textile and manufacturing industries.

One of our core values as a organization is providing innovative solutions to our customer’s textile problems. We strive to provide our customers with new, cutting-edge products that will allow them to improve and grow. Our Coated Aramid Thread is just one such example.

We recommend our thread for use where exposure to moisture, abrasion, environmental contaminants or cut-hazard would be likely to cause failure in traditional threads of equal size. Also, Coated Aramid Thread works great as a replacement for the costlier PTFE thread. Our thread does not require class 7 machines – it’s a lighter-weight substitute for plied or extremely heavy threads (e.g. 5 and 6 cord). Also, it runs very well through a #22 needle!


  • Non-Absorbent
  • 100% wet strength after 6 months immersion in sea water
  • High break strength (80lbs in size 138)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High UV resistance (approx. 30% strength loss after two years exposure)
  • High resistance to solvents, bleach and hydrocarbons

Interested in our Coated Aramid Thread? Contact us for a sample, quote, and/or more information!

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