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Did You Know? Our Extensive Medical Offerings

Did You Know? Our Extensive Medical Offerings

Did you know? We offer an extensive medical line of products! We have been serving medical customers for many years - providing custom and stock options for all their textile needs. With our experience, we understand the requirements of the medical industry and can recommend products and components that will meet any and all needs.

Our wide range of products include fabrics (available in a variety of weights), hook and loop, hardware, webbing/elastic, and more. Many have features and custom finishes like antimicrobial, fire retardant treatments, anti-static, breathability, wicking, and water resistance.

Check out some of the medical products we have to offer: Industries We Serve - Medical.

medical fabrics Poly/Cotton Sheeting, Cotton Ducks, Poly Cotton Twills, Mesh, and Spacer Mesh.

more medical fabrics FR Nylons, Ripstops, Lightweight to Heavyweight Nylons.

Some examples of medical products our customers have manufactured include: blood pressure cuffs (pictured above), slings, orthopedic braces, heating pads, elbow/knee pads, surgical drapes, and cystic fibrosis vests (pictured above).

We are committed to finding solutions to all your textile needs while providing excellent customer service. If you want to learn more about our medical offerings, please contact us or give us a call at 440-899-8050.

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