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Coming Soon: MultiCam® Adhesive Backed Loop

Coming Soon: MultiCam® Adhesive Backed Loop

In partnership with MTEK, we have developed an additional product for our MultiCam® Printed Narrow product line - MultiCam® Adhesive Backed Loop. MTEK came to MMI with the idea to have MultiCam® EVERYTHING on their products. One material was missing… MultiCam® adhesive backed loop for use on their helmets. So, with our powers combined, we were able to bring this idea into fruition!

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MultiCam® Classic Loop with 3M Acrylic Adhesive Backing
Mil-Spec: A-A-55126
Width: 5 inches
Will be sold by the roll and case. Roll sizes have not yet been determined. Pre die-cut pieces will be available from MTEK.

We value our relationship and commitment to the military and tactical industry. We continually work towards providing products that our customers wish they had, while always offering the basic products and components they need. Please contact us or give us a call at 440-899-8050 with any material needs you may have, or ideas you wish to discuss.