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Berry Compliance and How it Affects You

At MMI, we’re proud to be an American business, providing high-quality products for our customers. In fact, we carry many options that are compliant with the Berry Amendment, allowing you premier American-made fabrics.

Not sure whether the Berry Amendment applies to you when it comes to purchasing? Here’s a quick take on how Berry compliance works.

MMI offers many American-made goods that meet Berry Amendment requirements.


What is Berry Compliance?

Essentially, it’s a way to make sure that you buy products made in the U.S. The Berry Amendment was originally passed by Congress in 1941 to promote U.S. goods.

That means that certain organizations are required to purchase American-made products. There are a few exceptions, but that would end up being a rather lengthy discussion, you can refer to the Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy website.

How Does it Affect Me?

That depends on whether your project is affiliated with the Department of Defense (DoD). If you’re using funds that are connected to the DoD, then you need to be Berry compliant.

If you’re not working on a project tied in with DoD funds, then you don’t have to worry about being Berry compliant, although it’s always good to support American businesses and products.

Does MMI have Berry Compliant Options?

Indeed we do. MMI carries a wide range of military spec fabrics that are all 100 percent Berry compliant. 

We currently offer:

•200D Nylon 

•400D Nylon 

•500D Nylon (Solution Dyed Cordura and Piece Dyed) per Mil-C-43734, Class 4 

•1000D Nylon (Solution Dyed Cordura and Piece Dyed) per Mil-C-43734, Class 3 

•1050D Ballistic Nylon (Black only) 

•1200D Polyester Camo Green 483 (per A-A-59403)

For the whole list of military spec fabrics and other appropriate product lines, check out our Military Stock page.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you’re in need of Berry compliant fabrics or are looking to buy our American-made products, request a quote today. You can also reach out to us with any questions if you have anything specific you need addressed.

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