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April 2017 -- a month in review


May is here and we couldn’t be happier about it. Warmer weather has been slowly making its way into our forecasts and we’re thankful to get to anticipate another Cleveland summer. We've started a monthly series to fill you in on what is happening around the office here at MMI. You can check out our recap of March if you're interested.  Here’s a quick review of April and what was going on here at MMI.

1. Smart Women Business Breakfast – a big highlight of our month was the Smart Women Business breakfast. Amy was honored as a Progressive Entrepreneur and all the women on our team had the chance to go to the awards ceremony to listen to her speak. We are excited for Amy and grateful to have a leader like her.

2. Travel log – Different members for our team were all over the country this month. Brian spent a week in Indianapolis at the FDIC show and Geoff went South to Atlanta to the NRA show. Looking forward to May, we will be across the globe. Some of our team will be gearing up to head to Techtexil in Germany while others will be preparing for SOFIC in Tampa. If you're going to be at any of the upcoming shows, we would love to meet you there. 

3. Backpack building – We broke down our product lines in a really cool visual and you can see it here. We pride ourselves on the solution we offer when you can get so many different components from us. We do the leg work and get you the right products and we will work hard until we do.

4. Spring Cleaning – we still have a few things leftover from our spring cleaning sale like a few colors of poly/spandex and 10oz. cotton. If you are interested in any of our discounted goods, just reach out and we can send an email with all our offerings.


We hope April  was great to you and that May be even better. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if our team can be of any help to you. 



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