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A Guide to Custom Labels

Labels may be a small piece of your product, but they’re an important one. That means that you shouldn’t have to settle for run-of-the-mill options or be set back due to insufficient inventory. MMI offers custom label solutions for your fabric needs, providing you both quality and convenience.

Custom label options from MMI Textiles.


Have Labels Your Way

MMI offers both printed and woven labels. Our printed labels are produced here in the U.S. and can be made with certified organic cotton, while our woven labels are made in our state-of-the-art factory in South America, so you have options based on what you have in mind. We also offer some special effects for labels, including:

• Embossing

• Laser cutting

• 3D

• Jacquard weaving (including webbing and elastic)

• Merrowing (stitching around label – like a patch)

• Reflective

• Puffing (like quilting)

• Pressure Sensitive (sticky backed)

• Heat Seal (iron on)

Planning on using a basic two-tone label? That works for us. Want to ramp it up to a premium high-quality label? No problem. We can help you get the labels you want based on your specifications.

Convenient Storage and Lead Times

A slow lead time can put a damper in any project. With MMI, you can project that our woven labels will be produced in three to four weeks. Lead times for printed labels are even shorter, at two to three weeks.

Once you’ve made a label order with MMI, we can create a stock program for your custom labels with a blanket order. That way we can help you avoid any future shortages.

Get Started

Interested in some custom labels? Request a quote today and send us an art file with graphics and dimensions to see what MMI can do for you.

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