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3 Things to Consider when buying Hook and Loop…


  1. How fast do you need it?

      Many different kinds of hook and loop fabric are kept in stock at MMI Textiles, Inc. as our stocking program is something we are proud of. If you are looking to get a product  fast, buying something that is it stock is your best bet. We have relationships with distributors and factories all over the world and we will help find you exactly what you want.

2. Are you looking for imported or domestically made hook and loop?     

     MMI sells both imported and domestically produced hook and loop, including mil-spec Velcro® products and Quiet Loop® – in determining your needs you will need to consider  price, availability and lead times. MMI offers custom stocking programs that will help insure availability of product when you need it.

 3. What is the end product?

     Obviously, the most important thing to consider when buying hook and loop is what the material will be used for. The characteristics of the hook and loop like color, size, width,  and quantity will all depend on what the end product is that you are planning on making. Whether you need mil-spec/Berry compliant, pressure sensitive adhesive hook and loop or One Wrap®, the end product will dictate what you end up purchasing. At MMI, we supply hook and loop to meet all your military, medical, and commercial needs.


The find the perfect hook and loop to meet your needs or the inquire about our growing stock program, call MMI at 440.899.8050 or email



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