3 Things to Consider when buying Hook and Loop…

by Annie 8. July 2015 10:37


  1. How fast do you need it?

      Many different kinds of hook and loop fabric are kept in stock at MMI Textiles, Inc. as our stocking program is something we are proud of. If you are looking to get a product  fast, buying something that is it stock is your best bet. We have relationships with distributors and factories all over the world and we will help find you exactly what you want.

2. Are you looking for imported or domestically made hook and loop?     

     MMI sells both imported and domestically produced hook and loop, including mil-spec Velcro® products and Quiet Loop® – in determining your needs you will need to consider  price, availability and lead times. MMI offers custom stocking programs that will help insure availability of product when you need it.

 3. What is the end product?

     Obviously, the most important thing to consider when buying hook and loop is what the material will be used for. The characteristics of the hook and loop like color, size, width,  and quantity will all depend on what the end product is that you are planning on making. Whether you need mil-spec/Berry compliant, pressure sensitive adhesive hook and loop or One Wrap®, the end product will dictate what you end up purchasing. At MMI, we supply hook and loop to meet all your military, medical, and commercial needs.


The find the perfect hook and loop to meet your needs or the inquire about our growing stock program, call MMI at 440.899.8050 or email


Back to the Basics...

by Annie 23. June 2015 11:43

The textile industry is a versatile one, with new fabrics and products emerging all the time. It can be easy to forget the things that give MMI Textiles, Inc. and the rest of the historic fabric industry such a strong background and solid base.

Because words like “cotton”, “nylon”, and “Cordura” are used so frequently, they are often looked past and their importance taken for granted. MMI Textiles supplies only the best cottons and nylons in different kinds, deniers, and colors.

New innovations like digital printing and high-tech laminations are what enhances the textile industry and keeps it growing. Balancing these new innovations with the robust, already-existing market for woven fabrics is what MMI does best. With over 80 years of experience with woven fabrics, MMI Textiles has mastered how to continue growing its woven fabric inventory while introducing new and exciting products, prints, and ways of production.

To see all MMI has to offer, the new and the old, email or call 440.899.8050

MMI Textiles, Inc. attends JAPBI Conference

by Annie 16. June 2015 10:56

MMI Textiles, Inc. attended a Joint Advance Planning Brief to Industry held by the DLA Troop Support Clothing and Textiles. MMI was able to showcase one of their newest and most exciting ventures, Unequal® Military.

JAPBI and DLA Troop Support set aside room for vendors to showcase their latest “Innovations-Generation Next”. Intended for material and component suppliers to provide information and samples on innovations in new materials or technology that could be used in the development of new end items. MMI took full advantage of this opportunity by giving out samples of Unequal® Military products while informing people of the advantages it presents.

The conference, held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, gave MMI the unique opportunity to highlight these things to a large audience that included military personnel and a wide variety of manufacturers that supply end items, from body armor to apparel, to all branches of the military.

For more information about Unequal® Military products or other military goods, contact MMI at 440.899.8050 or visit

Choosing the Right Hardware

by Debbie 2. June 2015 08:00

Sometimes it takes a good piece of hardware to hold everything together. There are many different types of fasteners that can be used with your textile products, but it’s not always easy to determine what you need. 

MMI has several different options that you can choose from, giving you a wide range of styles to pair with your product.

MMI offers several hardware options, including side release buckles.


Unequal Technologies partners with MMI Textiles, Inc.

by Debbie 28. May 2015 14:43


Unequal Technologies is partnering with MMI Textiles, Inc. to market Unequal’s innovative and patented products to the military, law enforcement, and international communities.  Unequal Technologies is the leading provider of supplemental protection technology. Its wafer thin, patented fusion of a military-grade composite fortified with, Accelleron, Kelvar®and ImpacShield™ is engineered to reduce impact trauma energy, whether from a blitz on the football field or a bullet on the battlefield. With 85 worldwide patents, Unequal® products have been tested by independent certified laboratories, OEM facilities and top universities.

MMI Textiles, Inc. is a premier supplier to the diverse textile market. Through our commitment to unmatched service and integrity, we are indispensable to our partners.

For information or to purchase Unequal® products contact MMI Textiles, Inc. at or toll free at 888.MMI.0086.


New SEAMS Committee to Foster Member Participation in Government Contracts

by Debbie 22. May 2015 12:31


Aiken, South Carolina – SEAMS, the National Association for the U.S. Sewn Products Industry, announces the formation of a new SEAMS Government Committee designed to inform and support its membership on doing business with federal, state and local governments. Launched earlier this year, the committee is chaired by Geoff Senko of MMI Textiles Inc., a supplier of specialty textiles and related components to the private and public sectors. Other founding committee leaders includes Jack Foster of Sterlingwear of Boston, Jeff Papalia of the National Industries for the Blind, Mary Reardon of Tweave LLC and Gary Whited of SourceAmerica.


According to Committee Chairperson Geoff Senko, “Our committee aims to expand SEAMS members’ knowledge in identifying, securing and maintaining government contracts; thereby expanding production opportunities and capabilities for our members. As we become a recognized resource for informing and connecting our members with this market, we also expect to attract more U.S.-based manufacturers and government agencies to participate in SEAMS events and membership.”


“SEAMS is excited with the networking and business-building potential this government and military focused committee brings to our membership,” added SEAMS Executive Director Sarah Friedman. “The fact that members already doing business with the government are willing to help other members learn about these opportunities highlights the industry growth and collaboration focus that has long been a defining advantage of the SEAMS Association. This serves as a reminder that, regardless of where your company fits in the supply chain, you can benefit from participation in SEAMS.”  


Participation in the SEAMS Government Committee is open to all interested SEAMS members. Textile and sewn products professionals interested in learning more about the committee are invited to phone the SEAMS office at +1-803-642-1111.



SEAMS, the National Association for the Sewn Products and Textile Industries, promotes the continued growth of the USA fashion, sewn products and textiles industries through educational programs, networking opportunities, business opportunity matchmaking, industry collaboration and special member benefits packages. SEAMS members comprise textiles providers, contract manufacturers, brands, vertical retailers and their suppliers and service providers to collectively represent the complete concept-to-consumer supply chain. Softgoods industry executives, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs leverage their SEAMS membership to gain new business, stay informed of industry issues and trends, find solutions to productivity and operational challenges, manage costs and increase productivity. For more information, visit the website at


Considering Digital Fabric Printing? Here Are Four Questions To Ask Yourself

by Debbie 12. May 2015 08:00

If you’ve been on our blog over the past few months, you may have noticed that we now offer digital fabric printing services.

Sure, it’s a pretty big change for our company, but the reason behind it is simple: our success has always been based in our focus to make our customers’ lives easier. Digital fabric printing is a technology that does just that. 

Here’s why:

  1. It reduces your financial risk. Not sure which fabric is best-suited to your job? Have a new idea you want to do a test run for? Digital printing minimums are as little as 10 yards. In other words, you don’t have to spend as much money to find the best fabric for the job.
  2. Shorter turnaround time. Dealing with a time crunch? Digital printing runs can happen in as little as two weeks.

Digital fabric printing services.


Amy Bircher - Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Graduate!

by Debbie 30. April 2015 11:23

Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C®) honored 33 Greater Cleveland small-business owners graduating from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program Saturday, and our owner Amy Bircher was one of the graduates.


Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses is a $500 million initiative to unlock the growth and job creation potential of small businesses across the United States by providing them with greater access to business education, financial capital and business support services.

10,000 Small Businesses launched in Cleveland in May 2012 with $15 million committed for small business loans, business education and grants for supporting community partners. The program runs through 2018. Tri-C is celebrating its third year of receiving the grant from the Goldman Sachs Foundation, helping business owners succeed throughout the State of Ohio.

Graduating business owners represent a variety of industries and businesses in Northeast Ohio. Each graduate spent 12 weeks at Tri-C studying a business and management curriculum designed by Babson College, a top-ranked school for entrepreneurial education.

Amy was nominated by her peers to speak on behalf of the class, sharing her personal story during the ceremony. We are so proud of Amy!


A Guide to Custom Labels

by Debbie 21. April 2015 08:00

Labels may be a small piece of your product, but they’re an important one. That means that you shouldn’t have to settle for run-of-the-mill options or be set back due to insufficient inventory. MMI offers custom label solutions for your fabric needs, providing you both quality and convenience.

Custom label options from MMI Textiles.


Two Popular Medical Fabric Options

by Debbie 7. April 2015 08:00

When it comes to textiles, different industries are going to have unique needs. And that applies to more than just choosing various products or materials.

The medical industry has exact product specifications that need to be met before a decision can be made. MMI Textiles understands this, so we work hard to ensure that we have quality material options for professionals in the medical industry.

MMI Textiles can help you meet special qualifications for fabric products in the medical industry.


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