Berry Compliance and How it Affects You

by Debbie 31. March 2015 08:00

At MMI, we’re proud to be an American business, providing high-quality products for our customers. In fact, we carry many options that are compliant with the Berry Amendment, allowing you premier American-made fabrics.

Not sure whether the Berry Amendment applies to you when it comes to purchasing? Here’s a quick take on how Berry compliance works.

MMI offers many American-made goods that meet Berry Amendment requirements.


PenCott™ Camouflage Patterns Used on House of Cards

by Debbie 24. March 2015 08:00

An MMI partner may be coming to a small screen near you. Hyde Definition’s PenCott™ camouflage patterns will be featured in season three of the Primetime Emmy- and Golden Globe Award-winning Netflix drama House of Cards.

The show, which follows Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey as the powerful and manipulative politician Frank Underwood, has already gained notoriety as the first online-only web TV series to earn such attention from critics and award ceremonies. Unsurprisingly, the series will turn to PenCott™ camouflage patterns to make an upcoming scenes look as real as possible.

PenCott™ camouflage patterns make an appearance in House of Cards.

Spoiler Alert

Parts of this blog contain spoilers for House of Cards, so you may want to skip this section if you’d prefer not to know certain plot points until you finish season three.

The PenCott™ designs are on display during an important segment of season three when now-U.S. President Underwood attends a secret meeting in the Jordan Valley with Russian President Viktor Petrov, played by actor Lars Mikkelsen. 

All of the Russian soldiers in the scene can be seen wearing BadLands™ uniforms, while the Russian officers and Petrov himself wear GreenZone™ uniforms – two of the four multi-environment camouflage patterns offered by PenCott™ – to serve as a hyper-realistic stand-in for the Russian Army’s “Digital-Flora” uniforms. 

Camouflage for You

Fortunately, the costume department for House of Cards isn’t the only group that has access to PenCott™ camouflage pattern. Call us today at 1-888-664-0086 to learn how MMI can help you with your military fabric needs.

An Introduction to Digital Fabric Printing

by Debbie 10. March 2015 08:00

At MMI Textiles, we’ve been providing the textile industry with high-quality products and unmatched integrity and service since 1997. 

A large part of our success comes from going the extra mile to make our customers’ lives a little easier, which is why we’ve recently started to offer proprietary digital fabric printing services. 

Contact MMI today if digital printing fits your textile needs.


Our PenCott™ family of camouflage patterns will be featured with quite an impressive list of exhibitors at this year’s Enforce Tac and IWA…

by Debbie 3. March 2015 16:13

S.O.D. Gear

Italy’s renowned S.O.D. Gear was one of the very first high-end, real-deal manufacturers to pick up on the PenCott™ patterns, and sent them off with some pretty cool dudes to open doors and meet people in some interesting places… S.O.D. Gear will be at Enforce Tac for the first time this year.

Direct Action

One of the most eagerly awaited appearances at this year’s Enforce Tac and IWA has got to be Direct Action – the new advanced, professional brand from under the umbrella of Helikon-Tex. Enforce Tac / IWA marks the first public unveiling of the full line of Direct Action gear and clothing. Be sure to drop by and check them out.


A brand that’s gained an outstanding reputation for innovation and high-quality over the past few years, UF PRO will be showcasing their range of superb products – including new items like their Monsoon SmallPac system and Hunter Sweater in GreenZone™ , and their brand new Striker HT hot weather BDU in BadLands™ will make its debut at this year’s IWA.

Leo Koehler

Another long time provider of high-quality items in PenCott™ camouflage patterns, Leo Koehler will be displaying their wares again this year at IWA – visit them at stand number 343 in hall 9.



The Polish super-company that’s been most active with the PenCott™ patterns, Helikon-Tex will be showcasing their 2015 line-up at IWA. Drop by to see what’s new, chat to their crew, and pick up a catalogue (or two).


Polish outdoor gear and backpack manufacturer Wisport will be bringing out several products in GreenZone™ and BadLands™soon. Drop by their IWA booth to find out more – Hall 9, Stand 344.


Saving the biggest news for last! - the Tacticaltrim booth at IWA will be something like PenCott™ Zentrale this year. Not only will they have samples of the full range of PenCott™ camouflage fabrics on hand, they will also be featuring the first European unveiling of Murdock Webbing company’s jacquard-woven GreenZone™ webbing, and they will be showcasing the first public appearance of the full range of PenCott™ camouflage products from Tasmanian Tiger.


Welcome Liz Johnson to MMI Textiles, Inc.

by Debbie 21. January 2015 08:50

Liz Johnson has recently joined the team at MMI Textiles, Inc. as Business Development and Strategic Senior Sales Representative.  She brings with her over 20 years with Glen Raven, Inc. in their technical textile division.  During her career, Ms. Johnson held positions as Sales Manager and Military Market Manager.  She also served on various committees including American Apparel & Footwear Association's Government Contracts Committee and NCTO's Government Textile Contracts Committee.  Ms. Johnson earned a bachelor's degree in Marketing & Management from Siena College.

We are thrilled to have Liz as part of our fast growing business as we enter into new markets and look to develop new products in the technical textile arena.  This is an exciting time for us, and she is a perfect fit.

MMI Textiles and Hyde Definition create a partnership for production and distribution of the PenCott™Brand of Camouflage for Domestic and International Military and Commercial Markets

by Debbie 8. October 2014 08:50

WESTLAKE, OHIO, USA, OCTOBER 7, 2014 – MMI Textiles introduces Hyde Definition’s PenCott™ family of patterns into its strong portfolio of military textile products. The PenCott™ inventory will initially consist of the BadLands™, GreenZone™, SandStorm™ and SnowDrift™ patterns on 500D Cordura, Nylon-Cotton Ripstop, and 50D Polyester fabrics - all printed and finished to meet US milspec nIR standards. Future production will also expand to include Asia for delivery to our customers who manufacture their end products in the Far East. Additional fabric and fabric-based substrates will be added to the portfolio as well – some of which will also leverage new printing technologies.

Increased availability of PenCott™ patterns, with commitment from the MMI Team

MMI has always had a strong commitment to the US armed forces, and many of our international customers also seek quality products that have been manufactured to US standards. We have over 30 years of experience in the military market producing cotton, nylon, polyester and blended fabrics. The PenCott™ family of camouflage patterns greatly enhances our existing product offering and we are excited to have this opportunity to increase sales and marketing efforts for this newly created partnership. For further information about the PenCott™ patterns, please visit and/or the PenCott™ Facebook page at:

PenCott™ - Mission Critical Camouflage: the science behind the solution

The development of the PenCott™ pattern began in 2005 as a result of Dom Hyde noting that virtually all current-issue military camouflage patterns for clothing were ineffective in many environments and missions in a post 9/11 world. A culmination of decades of studying and experimenting with thousands of camouflage designs and the direct result of several years of independent research and development has gone into the creation of PenCott™. The 360° pattern geometry - with the inclusion of large, medium and small fractal shapes - makes the pattern effective at close, mid and long range; and because of its non-linear orientation, the full effectiveness of the pattern is retained whether the wearer is standing, kneeling or prone. Hyde Definition Ltd. is a leading camouflage design company founded in England by Dom Hyde in 2008. In 2011 Hyde Definition expanded its geographical footprint when Lawrence Holsworth, Director of Marketing and Business Development relocated to the US.

Hyde Definition Ltd. is a leading camouflage design company founded in England by Dom Hyde in 2008. In 2011 Hyde Definition expanded its geographical footprint when Lawrence Holsworth, Director of Marketing and Business Development relocated to the US.

IFAI Follow Up

by MMI Textiles 2. December 2013 15:09

Many of you attended the IFAI Specialty Fabrics show in October where there were countless business exchanges, learning opportunities, and new relationships forged. The number of attendees and the buzz on the floor was noticeable and exciting. Efforts continue to make these shows more interactive through displays and on floor demonstrations that feature products made from specialty and custom fabrics.

This year’s show featured an area designated “Advanced Textiles”, which featured new products specific to the Safety and Medical Industry. At the 2014 IFAI show in Minneapolis MN, the intent will be to continue highlighting various suppliers, product lines, and innovations in support of Police, Military, and various Law Enforcement Agencies. The show will also feature comprehensive programming designed to help attendees understand the current specialty fabrics markets, end-user applications, emerging markets, advanced technologies, and the future of fabric products. Please stay tuned to developments by checking the Review Magazine, one of our leading industry publications.

It is also that time of year to spend time with Family and Friends. The team here at MMI Textiles wishes you a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday Season. Thank you again for all your support – and please let us know how we can be of service to you.


IFAI 2013

by MMI Textiles 13. September 2013 12:45
Well the time has come. Leaves cover the greens up north, soon snow and sleet will be falling in Boston, but the warm Florida sun will bring everyone together at the IFAI 2013 in Orlando. Returning to the 2010 site, this year’s show will hardly be the same and expects to bring many new opportunities with the addition of the Advanced Textiles Conference and the 2013 SGAI Expo.

The Specialty Graphics Imaging Association will showcase new technologies in digital imaging, screen printing, outdoor advertising, fleet and vehicle graphics and fine art to name a few. With its’ massive 219,000 sq ft expo floor attendees will see more exhibitors than ever before while having the option to educational seminars covering new printing applications, business strategies and marketing ideas to make your business successful.

This years IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo will bring thousands of attendees into over 400 exhibiting booths and is sure to generate an abundance of networking opportunities promoting limitless business potential! The demand for advanced textile applications was answered by the IFAI with the addition of the Advanced Textiles Conference and Trade Show. This event will display advances in products affecting aerospace, engineering, geosynthetics, medical, safety as well as military markets. Here at MMI Textiles we are very excited to show advanced products in all of these market places. Be sure to stop by our booth 5604 in the Advanced Textile section and see what we have in store.

Looking for some extracurricular activities with all of the networking benefits of a work day? Be sure to sign up for one or as many of these activities as possible! The IFF Golf Tournament will be Tuesday October, 22 at noon. It will be played at Marriot’s Grande Pines Golf Club which is one of the finer courses around. If you’re not much of a golfer you can still get out and enjoy the weather at the IFF Sunset Gator Tour starting a 3PM. You will tour the Florida Everglades with refreshments at sunset while taking in the sights and sounds of the native wildlife. In 2012, IFF handed out 10 scholarships and these two events are sure to make 2013 even more successful with your help. Support this great cause and meet everyone in the industry along the way. MMI Textiles will be attending both events and we hope to see you there!

Have a great show!



What's Going On....

by MMI Textiles 28. May 2013 11:14

Nick and Amy attended the Outlook Conference in Charleston on May 7th and 8th and enjoyed seeing a lot of our valued partners over that two day period – the market economist painted a grim picture for the textile industry, but we continue to see positive things happening within our organization and remain optimistic!

The MMI Sales Team attended SOFIC inTampa May 14 – 16 and enjoyed a chance to catch up with current customers and partners and work on new opportunities.  We have been working very hard on our new digital print line and are excited to show you our progress as we unveil products in the near future.  Please keep in touch with us and let us know if there are any digital print needs you have in the future.

Congratulations to Tom Ullom who celebrated his 9 year anniversary with MMI on May 3rd, and to Karen Peters who celebrated her 5  year anniversary with us on May 20th.  We are so proud to have them on our team!


How to select the right coating for your application

by MMI Textiles 21. February 2013 08:55

The process of coating fabrics goes back to the 18th century with the production of oilcloth.  Fabric was coated with linseed oil; thus the fabric was made water resistant.  The coating of a fabric gives the textile a property it did not have on its own.

Today we can see coated fabrics all around us.  From waterproof camping gear, UV protected window shades, protective clothing for fire fighters to the inflatable chutes on aircraft, coated textiles have important applications to our everyday lives.

In order to get the fabric and coating combination correct, consider the final application.  For example, will the product need to be water resistant, mildew resistant, fire retardant, and breathable or any combination of these?  Let’s consider a military application like a backpack; a backpack would need to be water resistant. A boat cover calls for water, mildew resistance and breathability.  It is very important to consider your total requirements for the application.

There are many options when is comes to fabrics and coatings. Finding the right combination for your project is the key to success.  

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