Making bags? Read this first!

by Debbie 25. May 2016 10:53

While bags is a general term, we don’t know how else to describe how many things we can offer to process of creating sling, duffel, backpacks, or other types of bags. Because of this, we offer customers an all-in-one option to get the components that they need to make an end product and offer them the convenience of dealing with the same person here at MMI. It’s an advantage that we are proud of. Let’s take a minute to go over some components that we can offer when you are trying to make some sort of bag.


Woven fabric or really any kind of fabric for that matter
– this stuff is usually the main part of what you are going to be dealing with. Chances are you will need the majority of your bag to be something on this list. Whether it’s flame resistant, water resistant, water proof, or durability that you need, we have so many options. Keep in mind that we can send you samples with ease. Our nylons and our nylon ripstops are very popular when it comes to making bags, backpacks, or other things that need to be durable. Polyester or different kinds are all an option as well. Fabrics that are going to be used in an outdoor setting usually differ from those that are used indoors. Fabric is our roots, so we can usually help us on anything that you need. 


Webbing – Webbing is used in practically all types of bags. It is how things are kept together, how hardware is attached, how you adjust the size, make different kinds of compartments, etc. It comes in many different widths and colors. If you are making a bag for tactical purposes, many use webbing for MOLLE systems to hold different kinds of equipment.

Hardware – It doesn’t necessarily need to be said how crucial hardware is to making an kind of bag, especially an outdoor-like bag. Between buckles, d-rings, ladderlocs, and numerous others – hardware really is needed in a bag. ITW Nexus is a really great option for hardware and luckily we carry an enormous amount of it. Options include plastic or metal, different kinds of finishes, and of course the kind of hardware it is.

Labels – If you are making bags, chances are want someone to know who made it. We sell woven and printed labels. We detailed out the options in our post all about labels. A good label that fits your brand is important so don’t pass these up.

Zippers – Closing your bag is crucial, and zippers are typically a go-to option to do that. We can provide the right kinds of zippers for your bag. 

Binding tape, elastic, rope, and cord – I know this covers a lot, but usually depending on the style of your bag, you’ll use one of this components. Options on each one definitely varies so you best bet is calling in to get more information on this!

Hook and Loop – Hook and loop isn’t as commonly used on bags are zipper is, but is an option that we offer if you need it. Hook and loop is one of the biggest things we sell here at MMI, so we are extremely familiar with it. Widths, colors, and different kinds - we have the lowdown on hook and loop. 


The list doesn’t stop there. We can offer you help with lamination, open and closed cell foam, spacer mesh for pockets and more. Our reputation of being an “all-in-one” supplier is something we take very seriously so we are happy to send you samples of anything that you want to see. With any questions, feel free to give us a call at anytime or shoot us an email.


Spring Cleaning at MMI...

by Debbie 16. May 2016 14:56

It’s that time of year again and we are trying to free up some shelf space here at MMI. And since you are a valued part of what we do here, we wanted to share a list of things that we are trying to get moving. For the details, call us at 440.899.8050 or click the below to send us an email. Here’s the list:

  • Navy Polyester Spandex 
  • Black Polyester Spandex
  • White Polyester Spandex
  • 1.9oz Ripstop – Ranger Green 
  • 400D Nylon – Wolf Grey
  • 500D Nylon Coyote Solution Dyed
  • #10 Cotton – Khaki and White
  • 7.5oz Cotton Twill – White, Black, and Royal 
  • 1000D Nylon – Ranger Green, Solution Dyed
  • 1000D Nylon – Camo Green, Solution Dyed 
  • 400D Nylon – Olive Drab 
  • 10oz – Royal and White
  • #10 Cotton – Forest and Orange
  • 1000D Nylon – Black, Mil-C-43734
  • #8 Cotton – Red 
  • 10oz – Kelly Resin, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Turquoise 


The Best 3 Fabrics to Use Outdoors

by Debbie 12. May 2016 08:40

Now that the weather is improving over here in the Midwest and eastern part of the country, we are thinking more and more about being outside. Weather, rain, and humidity can all be factors when it comes to being outside in good or bad weather. So when it comes to fabrics, picking the right one for outdoor uses is important. Let’s break down three of the best fabrics to use outside and which ones weather better than others.


Polyester is a strong, wrinkle resistant fabric. It has industrial and commercial uses, both of them being somewhat outdoor uses. Polyester works well outside because it is strong, resistant to stretching and resistant to abrasion. Additionally, polyester it is quick to dry, light-weight, and smooth. It’s also easily washes and can be resistant to mildew. One last thing that makes it great to use and wear outside is that is UV resistant.


Nylon has a lot of the same qualities as polyester along with some different ones. Overall, it’s a little softer than polyester and is used more often in clothing. Nylon is actually used commonly to make American flags. It’s easy to wash, extremely versatile, mildew resistant, and somewhat UV resistant. It is exceptionally strong, and exceptionally resistant to abrasion. It’s quick drying, too. Nylon is really one of the more versatile fabrics in the textile industry, so it is no surprise that is has many outdoor and indoor uses.


While ripstop is technically nylon, it has unique uses especially when it comes to outdoors. It is often referred to as a sports fabric because it is light and has good movement. This fabric prides itself on being unable to rip or extremely resistant to ripping, hence the name “ripstop”. It is commonly used in rain jackets and camping equipment like tents and sleeping bags. Kites, parachutes, flags, are all commonly made from ripstop, too. Ripstop is easy to identify because of the square, cross-stitch pattern it represents. And it seems that ripstop is growing increasingly more popular in the industry.


Lucky for you, we have all three of these fabrics in many different varieties, deniers, and colors. And if we had our way in Cleveland, we would be concerned about “outdoor fabrics” all year round. But we know that’s not case so we will get excited about anything outside as spring takes full force. As always, our team at MMI would love to talk any project that you need to work out or send any samples your way. 

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