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by Annie 23. June 2015 11:43

The textile industry is a versatile one, with new fabrics and products emerging all the time. It can be easy to forget the things that give MMI Textiles, Inc. and the rest of the historic fabric industry such a strong background and solid base.

Because words like “cotton”, “nylon”, and “Cordura” are used so frequently, they are often looked past and their importance taken for granted. MMI Textiles supplies only the best cottons and nylons in different kinds, deniers, and colors.

New innovations like digital printing and high-tech laminations are what enhances the textile industry and keeps it growing. Balancing these new innovations with the robust, already-existing market for woven fabrics is what MMI does best. With over 80 years of experience with woven fabrics, MMI Textiles has mastered how to continue growing its woven fabric inventory while introducing new and exciting products, prints, and ways of production.

To see all MMI has to offer, the new and the old, email or call 440.899.8050

MMI Textiles, Inc. attends JAPBI Conference

by Annie 16. June 2015 10:56

MMI Textiles, Inc. attended a Joint Advance Planning Brief to Industry held by the DLA Troop Support Clothing and Textiles. MMI was able to showcase one of their newest and most exciting ventures, Unequal® Military.

JAPBI and DLA Troop Support set aside room for vendors to showcase their latest “Innovations-Generation Next”. Intended for material and component suppliers to provide information and samples on innovations in new materials or technology that could be used in the development of new end items. MMI took full advantage of this opportunity by giving out samples of Unequal® Military products while informing people of the advantages it presents.

The conference, held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, gave MMI the unique opportunity to highlight these things to a large audience that included military personnel and a wide variety of manufacturers that supply end items, from body armor to apparel, to all branches of the military.

For more information about Unequal® Military products or other military goods, contact MMI at 440.899.8050 or visit

Choosing the Right Hardware

by Debbie 2. June 2015 08:00

Sometimes it takes a good piece of hardware to hold everything together. There are many different types of fasteners that can be used with your textile products, but it’s not always easy to determine what you need. 

MMI has several different options that you can choose from, giving you a wide range of styles to pair with your product.

MMI offers several hardware options, including side release buckles.


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